Our laboratory works on the development of small molecular tools for activity-based proteomics. We use an interdisciplinary approach involving organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and proteomics and primarily focus on the research on (intramembrane) proteases.

We always look out for talented students and post-docs who are interested in joining our lab. Please contact Steven Verhelst for more information.


A collaborative research project on the development and application of MALT1 protease probes is accepted for publication in Chemistry & Biology.

Our group co-authored a paper with the Grotenbreg group from Singapore on cleavable MHC ligands, appearing in Angew. Chem.
August 2014

Our latest paper about serine protease activity-based probes consisting of phosphoramidate reactive groups appeared in ChemBioChem.
May 2014

Congratulations to Sevnur Serim and Yinliang Yang for their PhD graduations (at the Technische Universität München)!
March/April 2014


Last updated: September 2014